Caris Healthcare Project

Goodie Bags filled with resources, a handwritten letter, ornament, sweet treats from a local vendor, and much were were provided to each pediatric hospice nurse at Caris Healthcare in Milan, TN in addition to a delivered charcuterie board with a spread of holiday snacks at their December meeting.

Pumpkin Project

Adorable little pumpkins were given out individually to the residents’ at Charter Senior Living of Paris, TN. Residents placed them in their rooms and were reminded of the love that the Foundation has for them.

Dumpster Beautification Project

Creative Masterpiece Project

This community project was completed at the 2022 Kids Art Camp. The art has a shared story to inspire reflection and form connections that transcend differences. It is framed and permanently displayed for all to enjoy at the The Eiffel Tower Park in Paris, TN.

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