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Level Two

Level Two Services are projects that require a little more funding and volunteer efforts delivered at certain times of the year. Level Two Services include the following:

  • Connection Groups
  • Best Buddies Support
  • Seasonal Kids Camps
  • Seasonal Parent/Guardian Clinics

Parent Connection Groups

Connection Groups are designed for the development of community and support between bereaved parents and parents of children with disabilities and/or rare diseases. Parent Connection Group 1 is for parents of children with disabilities and/or rare diseases and Parent Connection Group 2 is for bereaved parents. Both groups meet monthly throughout the year. For more information on how to get connected, please fill out our interest form. We look forward to building an inclusive world with your help!

Seasonal Kids Camps

Rodeo Camp

Bowling Camp

Seasonal Parent/Guardian Clinics

IEP 101 Clinic

Emotional Regulation Clinic

Best Buddies Support







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