Level Two

Level Two Services are projects that require a little more funding and volunteer efforts delivered at certain times of the year. Level Two Services include:

Kids Camps

Four camps a year are hosted annually by the Foundation. Each is intentionally designed to be inclusive and accessible to ALL children. The Foundation stands against excluding children for any reason and understands the importance of experiences created with friends. Venues for camps are local to Paris, Tennessee; however, all children are welcome to register. Below are videos of the Foundation’s Kids Camps in 2023 including: Rodeo, Fall Fest, Bowling, and Art.

Best Buddies Support

Funding is provided for all Best Buddies chapters in Henry County, which allows students at school to participate in a friendship program free of cost. Buddies (students with disabilities) are matched with peers (students without disabilities) and participate in both group and one-to-one activities to allow for optimal engagement. It is Best Buddies’ hope that these opportunities once a month after school for an hour will lead students to create more inclusive communities as they grow in life. People reach people through friendship, acceptance, and interaction.

Connection Groups

Connection Groups meet monthly and are designed for the development of community and support between bereaved parents and parents of children with disabilities and/or rare diseases. Groups are designed to be a safe environment for all to share coordinated by a group facilitator. We care and we listen. Sessions allow parents to become less isolated and obtain relevant information to cope with challenges and celebrate triumphs.

Get connected by filling out our interest form. We look forward to building an inclusive world with your help!

• Parent Connection Group 1 serves parents of children with disabilities and/or rare diseases

• Parent Connection Group 2 serves bereaved parents

Parent Connection Group Dates

Connection Group 1

These groups meet at Carroll Bank & Trust from 4pm – 5pm.

Connection Group 2

These are the planned dates for Connection Group 2 to meet, but that does not mean we are unavailable if you need us. We are happy to meet one-on-one if you need to talk outside the scheduled support group dates.

Kids Camps

2023 Rodeo Camp

2023 Fall Fest Camp

2023 Bowling Camp

2023 Art Camp

Best Buddies Support

2023 Best Buddies Walk

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