Hello! We are so happy that you are here and want to connect with you. The Levi Miles Foundation was founded in memory of our son Levi Michael Miles. Levi lived half of his life with all abilities and then suddenly got sick and lost those abilities over time due to a very rare disease in the Leukodystrophy family. Our son did not experience one day where he was not included with his peers or had the same opportunities as any other child. This was something that David and I made sure of, and this is exactly what the foundation provides for all of our children. We provide opportunities for all children regardless of disabilities or rare diseases. We have learned from history that separate is NOT equal.

Give us your YES to include all children no matter their disability or rare disease. You can do this by supporting The Levi Miles Foundation, which we personally guarantee will give back because you are investing in people. This foundation plugs into children’s lives in the highest form of intentionality with quality items and care that paves the way for inclusion within their communities. We do not stop there though! They become part of our family just as we are inviting you all to be a part of our family.

As family members, we love unconditionally and contribute. We do not have to ask how they are doing – we know because we stay involved in their lives. This is accomplished with our multi-level service system. This organized platform allows us to consistently meet short-and long-term goals for our children with disabilities and rare diseases and their families. The Levi Miles Foundation has four leveled service groups to help us achieve our mission and vision. We look forward to connecting with you and your family!

With love,

David and Shayna Miles

Be a Part of Inclusion

The Levi Miles Foundation appreciates and recognizes all the ways that you give us your YES. You are including all children no matter their disability or rare disease. Your time and money are funneled into our multi-level service platform that gives back and invests in people. These contributions are making the world a better place with the highest form of intentionality and quality.

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