The Levi Miles Foundation advocates for children with disabilities and rare diseases. We strive to provide support in many forms, including hospital care packages, feeding tubes, occupational therapy, and academic readiness. Children with disabilities and rare diseases often require specialized adaptive equipment that improves their quality of life, which is not always covered by insurance. We work with medical equipment suppliers to provide adaptive equipment.

The reason Jesus states that children are the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is because of their unconditional love for others. Children do not see the differences that adults do. Everyone is equal in their eyes, and their love portrays that! This provides us a picture of what inclusion looks like. Our vision for The Levi Miles Foundation is to promote inclusivity in our communities through clinics, camps, and fully inclusive playgrounds.

Accessibility points to an ease of use for individuals that require expanded services. These services are often separate from those of the “norm”. Inclusion means equal access to opportunities and resources. We strive to provide fully inclusive playgrounds at our schools, so that children with disabilities can play side-by-side with their peers. Accessible playgrounds are still segregated, yet inclusive playgrounds include everyone to promote the development of social-emotional, cognitive, and physical well-being.

Many families of children with life-threatening diseases rarely leave the confines of their own home. This foundation strives to provide those children, as well as their family, an opportunity to explore life outside the walls of their own home. This is accomplished by granting an experience to children of life-threatening diseases under the age of three.

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