For Families Seeking Services

Is my child eligible?

The Levi Miles Foundation works to help children live a fully inclusive life regardless of the difficulties they face. Our focus is helping children with:

  • Disabilities
  • Rare diseases

What services am I able to request?

There are four levels of service that The Levi Miles Foundation provides, several of which specifically assist children in need. While some services such as an inclusive playground, best buddies support, and seasonal kids camps happen throughout the year; those aim to help provide inclusive environments for a group of children. Services specifically built to help individual children include: 

  • Equipment Lending
  • Customized Care Packages
  • Special Education Advocacy Support
  • Medication Funding
  • Adaptive Equipment Funding
  • AAC Device Funding (Augmentative and Alternative Communication)

How do I request a service?

To request a service for your child, fill out and submit the form below. A member of The Levi Miles Foundation will reach back out to you for more details.

Service Request Form

230-B Tyson Ave #197 Paris, TN 38242

Our strategies are the broad courses of action we take to achieve our leveled services. Goals and strategies work together to help us achieve our mission and vision. We review strategies often to ensure we are meeting our communities’ needs.

Level One

Level One Services are ongoing projects that the Foundation funds and delivers year-round.

Level Two

Level Two Services are projects that require a little more funding and volunteer efforts delivered at certain times of the year.

Level Three

Level Three Services are projects that require a referral and voting from the board of directors on an as-needed basis.

Level Four

Level Four Services are projects that require a substantial amount of funding and planning over a longer duration of time. These projects require voting and significant planning with the board.

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